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Drugi Oficer Keen  był członkiem załogi Aurory. Uciekł z miejsca gdzie rozbiła się Kapsuła Ratunkowa 19,. Miał rozkaz od Kapitana Hollister by wysłać wiadomość do wszystkich ocalałych i przegrupować się na Floating Island.

Po rozbiciu


OFFICER KEEN: The way I see it no one's to blame here.

CREWMEMBER J: She gave me the wrong co-ordinates!

CREWMEMBER P: He didn't give me clear instruction!

OFFICER KEEN: Okay, I'll rephrase: you've been equally incompetent. Now, we've lost time, but we're closer to the planet, so if the Degasi's out there the scan should pick it up.

CREWMEMBER P: Why are we even helping the Mongolians? They're the competition.

OFFICER KEEN: Enjoy your shore leave on Sanjei Station? Like having fuel in the tanks? Thank the Mongolians. We run the scans, we show them we didn't find anything, and we say thanks for the free dinner. Clear?

CREWMEMBER J: Sir, there's something odd on the surface scan here.

OFFICER KEEN: Turn that recorder off!

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